Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

Supporting Children and Young People to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

— One to One Education

This project affords our children the opportunity to fully participate in a high quality, one to one, structured education programme to enhance their educational, social and emotional skills.  We provide weekly lessons to master the ability to initiate, play, discover, enhance fine/gross motors skills, communication, literacy, numeracy through a range of interactive and engaging activities.

This is delivered by two highly qualified Education Officers using the AABLS-R Assessment Tool. 

— Music Therapy

Music Therapy at FDST focuses on building communication skills, including musical, vocal and gestural modes of communication with the use of Makaton (a language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate). For our very young members aged 0-3 there is an additional focus on building hand and leg mobility skills and the therapist has designed musical-physio activities to enhance fine finger mobility skills and leg movement. 

Music Therapy also greatly assists  our young people with their emotional self and wellbeing as a young person communicates and self-expresses in how they engage with musical instruments. This  enables them to work though feeling states to self-heal, emotionally regulate and understand their emotional self.      

Developing social interactive skills is also a very important aspect of life for our young participants and in-house group music therapy along with collaborative projects with choirs and neighbouring schools greatly helps development of their social interactive skills.

— Healthy Hearts and Mind Project

Project (Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Learning, Mentoring)

Our range of weekly age appropriate and user led social programmes encourage and motivate our children and young people to engage in a wide range of interactive, developmental and fun activities.

8-12 Year Olds- Cookery, Junior Bake Off, Outdoor Learning, Swimming, Cycling, Dance, Drama, Boxercise, Healthy Eating, Musltisports, Inclusion Programmes

13-19 Years olds- Cookery, Drama, Dance, Healthy Eating, Cycling, Outdoor Learning, Music Therapy, Money management, Zumba, Independent Travel, Residentials, Inclusion Programmes

20-25 Year olds- Cookery, Down Right Fit, Swimming, Zumba, Drama, Dance, Work Placements, Social Enterprise Project, Residentials, Multisports

— Social and Personal Development Project

Our range of weekly age appropriate and user led social programmes encourage and motivate our children and young people to engage in a wide range of interactive, developmental and fun activities

0-3 Year Olds- Jo Jingles, Messy Play, Baby Massage, Reflexology, Sensory Play, Sing and Sign, Rhythm and Rhyme

4-7 Year Olds- Group Music Therapy, Arts and Crafts, Messy Play, Dance, Yog4Kidz, Dance, Drama

— Down Right Crafty

Our Down Right Crafty (Social Enterprise Project) is a user led printing enterprise where young people design, create and produce a range of products including t-shirts, mugs, keyrings, leaflets, flyers, birthday cards. Through this project the young people learn new skills, increase their confidence and gain firsthand experience in a workplace environment.

This project enables young people to use state of the art equipment including vinyl cutters, heat presses and sublimation printers, encourages them to engage with customers when taking orders for products and ordering from suppliers and provides them with a wide range of new skills to enhance their employability.

— Project 21 - Day Opportunities

Our Day Opportunities service provides meaningful provision for people with Down syndrome to enhance their personal and social development, life skills and promote independence.This project is funded under the Self Directed Support Model, from the Western Health and Social Care Trust.

This user led service covers a range of areas including Day Trips, Exercise Sessions, Cookery, Art, Outdoor learning, Drama, Dance, Music, Social Enterprise, Down Right Fit, Swimming, Zumba, Work Placements, Residentials, Multisports, Cricket.


What We Offer

0 - 3 Group

4 - 7 Group

8 - 12 Group

13 - 19 Group

20 - 25 Group

Project 21 (25+ Group)