Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

One to One Education Project

This weekly programme is a core element of our service provision to support our children, aged 0 to 7, master the ability to play, initiate, discover and learn through a range of interactive and fun activities, planned and delivered by two Educational Officers.  

Using ABBLS-R, an assessment tool, to determine each child’s specific learning profile and needs, an initial assessment is carried out in partnership with parents, focussing on visual performance, receptive language, motor imitation, literacy, numeracy, reading, writing, social and fine and gross motor skills.  

A comprehensive Individual Education and Development Plan is created for each child and reviewed quarterly to help identify and implement relevant strategies and activities for their individual learning, developmental and support needs.   

One to one education lessons are person centred, high quality and structured and comprise of a range of learning, play, imaginative and explorative activities to ensure all our children are supported and empowered in accessing and maintaining their deserved place in mainstream education.