Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

Healthy Hearts and Minds Project

Our Healthy Hearts and Minds project is facilitated by a team consisting of a Health and WellBeing Officer, a Horticultural Therapist and a Mentoring Co-ordinator, whom together with our children and young people aged 8 to 25, plan activities designed to improve and promote physical and mental health.   

Physical and sporting activities such as yoga, aerobics, walking, football, swimming, cycling, bowling are offered and take place in our own premises and in a range of sporting and recreational facilities across the city.  Participation in the project enables improved fitness and energy levels, increases confidence and reduces stress.  Workshops to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle choices are organised throughout the year affording our children and young people opportunities to plan, prepare and cook healthy meals both in our kitchen and at home.  

The horticultural element of the project comprises of both practical and theoretical elements and includes planning, designing, creating, cultivating, planting and maintaining our organic garden.  All of these activities promote emotional growth, memory and cognitive skills whilst achieving a sense of purpose and connection with nature.  

Our mentoring Co-ordinator organises a wide range of activities to improve social and personal development skills, including, residentials, cinema, arts and crafts, independent travel, inclusion projects, dance, cookery which affords our children and young people experiences to participate in mainstream recreational life just like their peers. 

Health and Wellbeing Project

Mentoring Project

Outdoor Learning Project