Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Foyle Down Syndrome Trust.  Your donation will assist us to develop current and future programmes to support Children with Down Syndrome; Families of children with Down Syndrome and Professionals.

Donate by post

You can send money to our office directly. If you are prepared to complete a Gift Aid form, donors from the UK can aid us in reclaiming any income tax paid on their donation Foyle Down Syndrome Trust Shared Future Centre Cityview Park 61 Irish Street Derry / Londonderry / Doire BT47 2DB

Donate by

You can donate on-line through Virgin Money Giving.
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Payroll Giving

Giving regularly through the Payroll Giving Scheme is a tax effective way to support Foyle Down Syndrome Trust. If you are in employment, you can ask your employer to deduct a regular amount from your pay each pay period.

Legacy gift in your will

A legacy gift is a donation left to Foyle Down Syndrome Trust through your will.

Standing order

Another way to give to Foyle Down Syndrome Trust is through a monthly standing order.
You can also donate using Virgin Money Giving

Donate by Text