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  • Genetic Disorders UK

    Genetic Disorders UK aim to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by genetic conditions. An important step in making this vision a reality is to raise awareness among the general public of different genetic disorders and how they impact on the lives of those affected. Each year, Genetic

  • FDST Annual Report

    FDST Annual Report FDST World DS Awareness Day Conference Downloads Making Inclusion A Reality (PDF) – Professor Roy Mc Conkey Collaboration for Successful Communication (PPT) – Ursula Sheerin & Alison McCann Using Numicon To Develop a Sense of Number 1 (PDF) – Cecilie Mackinnon Using Numicon To Develop a Sense

  • Gallagher-donation5

    Flag Day

    Tuesday 18th December- A flag day will be taking place in Derry City Centre from 9am to 9pm. We will be needing volunteers for this event.